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Does anyone know what this flower is?


By Arler

United Kingdom Gb

Thanks for your help everyone, it's definitely a cyclamen and we will replant it outside in the semi-shade :o)




is it possible one of the cabbage family?
possible a bittercress

x x x

10 Sep, 2009


I was looking at the stem and petal and was going to ask what the root was like and suggest something like a cyclamen I was way off beam sorry.

10 Sep, 2009


Looks like a cyclamen flower.What are the leaves like ?

10 Sep, 2009


I thought it looked like a cyclamen but when I studied my pot plant I wasn't so sure.

10 Sep, 2009


Hi Aster - I was thinking of Cyclemen persicum its slim and pale pink. As you asked the leaves would help greatly.

10 Sep, 2009


I know what you mean Gardengirl the centre doesnt look quite right.

10 Sep, 2009


Definitely Cyclamen and probably hederifolium as this is the most common of the Cyclamen in flower at this time. Can range from white to deep pink.

Will be happier planted back into the ground in semi shade unless you want to fuss over it in a pot.

Would that such a plant just 'popped up' in our garden - we work hard to grow them. Do you have other Cyclamen?

10 Sep, 2009


How about cyclamen africanum ? This is a vigorous plant and there possibly won't be any leaves just yet anyway .
It's a starting point for you to look up Arler :)

10 Sep, 2009


You are most likely correct Mg,my suggestion wouldn't survive outside through the winter. Still it's nice to identify plants and as you say such a lucky find :)

10 Sep, 2009


I also think Cyclamen hederifolium.
The seeds of Cyclamen are like small pieces of grit and don't normaly travel very far. They either fall and grow near to the parent plant or are moved around by ants and similar creatures. This means that the parent is very likely growing in your own garden, Arler, or in the garden of your next door neighbour.
I don't understand the 'growing really fast' bit of your question. Cyclamen grow to about six inches and have flat, rounded (maybe with interesting indentations) leaves and grow to about a foot in diameter but are not what I call a fast grower. Do you have two different plants in the one pot?

10 Sep, 2009


Arler just read the rest of your question the Cyclamen will not be happy in with the mint which will eventually take over the pot. So whether you plant it in the ground or in another pot once the flower has died back best to move it.

11 Sep, 2009

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