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Limousin, France Fr

ok folks this is my housefront in France (old stone house) at end of Autumn (clematis on left, definitely to keep if it will continue to love me (Ville de Lyon, needs new trellis), unidentified but poorly rose beyond.

Any ideas for improvement (have a plan for a shaded area on the right, there is a vine which with encouragement I could train on into a "tonnelle"/pergola?)

What does everyone think about wisteria, here they grow like weeds but I do wonder...

I could put one on the right of the house, or would that add to my problems?




Love the look of your house, so much character, no help withe planting suggestions- not clever enough- but love the house!

13 Nov, 2012


A Wisteria would look fabulous, as long as you train it and prune it at the right time/s. You'd need to put 'eyes' and wires in horizontally along the wall to tie it to.

I'd add an arch over the door, so you could plant a climbing rose one side, and a Clematis at the other, to meet in the middle! :-)

13 Nov, 2012


I though Wisteria as well. It is positively calling for it. There are 3 main varieties, Chinese, Japanese and American. I would be tempted to try all 3, you have the wall space.

13 Nov, 2012

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