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slug repellent


By Steve

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

has anyone used copper strips around young plants to protect from slugs and snails?
if so , what success did you have.
i am thinking of making some for next spring , anyone made these , i would be grateful for any information...............steve



Hello Steve :)
I've tried the sticky backed copper tape around some of my pots....and I'm afraid to didn't stop the dreaded S&S (also, it peeled off as soon as the pots got wet....) :(((

10 Sep, 2009


Steve i bought some copper "bands" and put them round plants and i have to say up until now they are working got them on ebay hope this helps a bit :~)))))

10 Sep, 2009


I use the tape all the time. I put bark down to stop the weeds and made a breeding ground for the slugs. I cut the bottom off a big pot and put the tape right round the top. Then I use it as a collar. It works great on delphiniums and other tall plants, but its not so good on hostas when the leaves spread over to touch the ground.

11 Sep, 2009


I have used copper collars round my smaller Hostas for years and not a shredded leaf to be seen!

11 Sep, 2009


thanks for the information, i intend to make my own rather than buy as this will be your idea romneya , where do you get the tape from?.....................steve

11 Sep, 2009


slugs will not cross a thin line of lime they carn't not without melting , save your cash and sweeten the soil at the same time,

11 Sep, 2009


do you mean garden lime or the green limes you get in supermarkets?................steve

11 Sep, 2009


garden lime or burnt or quick lime call it what you chouse, slugs or snales find it imposable ,to cross. and when they meet it they do not move at snales pace doing an about turn, rain will drive the lime into the soil, that will do no harm except to slugs eggs, so replace with a little more. were have those slugs gon? go into your garden with a packet of salt and a light on a dark damp night and comitt mass murder.

12 Sep, 2009


I got my tape from B&Q but it cost a fiver for about 5 metres. It doesn't go very far round the pots - okay it goes 5 metres - but that's not many pots. I was going to try ebay, but I like the lime suggestion. It will be good in a dry spell but I don't know how long it lastsin the rain. The copper tape lasts forever.

12 Sep, 2009


thanks cliffo, i've got garden lime in the shed , so may try that next year , along with the copper tape and nightly patrols, all three together should prevent slug damage!!!

14 Sep, 2009

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