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Can anyone identify this tree?


By Nariz

Spain Es

We walked around the grounds of a museum in a little Spanish town yesterday and I "found" the seedpod of one of the many trees there that I thought were called "Handkerchief Trees." I have since Googled it (didn't have my camera with me!!!) and I am wrong. The 30 ft tree has laurel-like leaves in rosettes and the occasional huge white cup-like flower about 8" across and with a slight sharp citrusy scent. The seed pod is about the size of a table-tennis ball and is similar in appearance to a tightly closed pine cone. I'd love to try and grow it - anyone know what it is and what conditions the seedpod would require?



This sounds like Magnolia Grandiflora. They like Ericaceous(acidic) soil which doesn't dry out too much. They are evergreen (did the leaves have a brown underside?). They can be planted in full sun or partial shade. I would suggest a visit to a local nursery and ask one of the staff to advise you if this tree will grow in the climate and conditions where you live. A good indicator is whether they sell them or other people where you live also grow them. Hope this helps, you may want to 'google' Magnolia Grandiflora just to check I am talking about the same plant you are.

11 Sep, 2009


Thanks Andrea, the tree is indeed Magnolia Grandiflora and we realise there's one growing in the valley just 8 minutes drive down from us. Having now read up on how long the seeds take to germinate (1-2 years), how long the seedlings and saplings have to hang around in a cold frame (4-5 years) and how long before the mature tree may flower (25 years!!!!!) I have decided that to wait until I'm 97 to see the possible fruits of my labour is far too much time to spend on one tree when there's so much else out there. I think I'll pass on this one! Thanks again Andrea.

12 Sep, 2009

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