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Replacement for dying honeysuckle


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've had to give up on trying to save my Honeysuckle from Powdery Mildew and am thinking about replacing it with a Passiflora. I remember a question about a Passiflora that was growing out of control and one of the members identified as being over energetic and suggested a more easily controlled variety. I have searched through the archives and can't find it. Can anyone remember it or can identify the varieties I'm taliking about?

On plant Passiflora



If you really want a Passiflora, the only option that's moderately hardy is P. caerulea, the common passion flower - all the rest are a little tender and require a cool greenhouse, really. You might be getting confused with recent discussions about Passiflora incarnata - which is extremely untidy, but its tender anyway.
You might want to have a look at Trachleospermum jasminoides as another option - this is evergreen, well behaved, has fragrant white flowers, but is a little slow growing. I keep mentioning this climber all the time - won't be long before everyone in the country's got one!

11 Sep, 2009


Thanks, Bamboo, as usual you've come up with the goods. Do you think Trachleospermum jasminoides would be OK growing against a West facing wall?

11 Sep, 2009


Reckon you'd get away with it, but I'd maybe wait till spring before buying and planting it.

11 Sep, 2009


Much obliged, Bamboo - I'll follow your advice.

12 Sep, 2009

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