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Decking out of pallet wood

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looking at saving some money and making some decking out of pallet wood the base is complete already just need some advice about going about doing it. has anybody tryed this and whats it look like etc



There is a site which you can google 'How to make a deck with wood palletts' it gives s step by step instructions. However, my concerns would it be about weight bearing and how slippery are they? and how long lasting? good luck

11 Sep, 2009


I have a pallet outside my Greenhouse, sort of " mini decking" its been there about 8 years, I Treat it every year with Wood stain, Hub also made our shed out of Pallets and its lasted years.. So give it a go, Why not,

11 Sep, 2009


When I was gardening mainly in containers I used pallets collected (with permission) from building sites, to create staging at various stepped heights for the pots. Granted they were rarely walked on but the pots were large and heavy, and were constantly being watered.

The pallets lasted for several years without any preservative.

11 Sep, 2009

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