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I have asked this question earlier this year but seem to have lost any replies i received, so here goes again.

I have several acer flamingos on a banking by the side of a stream but not close to the water. At the on set of spring when the leaves started to appear they seemed to be either eaten or shrivelled. There was no sign of aphids but 2 of them subsequently died, the others struggled to produce much growth & looked decidedly unhappy. Is there something i can spray them with at the start of the season ? Thanks Stuart



Are they in an exposed position? It could be the effect of late frosts, or of the wind, as they really suffer in both. They need some shelter, although they will grow in either part shade, or sun.

14 Nov, 2012


Being beside a stream could also mean they are in a frost pocket... personally I'd be looking at moving the surviving Acer in the next month.

14 Nov, 2012


they may also be too wet which will make the problems worse.

14 Nov, 2012



15 Nov, 2012

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