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fuchsia cuttings


By Sanbaz

staining blackpool, United Kingdom Gb

ive just rooted some fuchsia cuttings and now potted them, am i best keeping them inside or can i leave them in my plastic growhouse over winter, im not sure if they are hardy or not,here is a pic of the fuchsia i took the cuttngs off




Depends how cold your winters get SB ,are your cuttings rooted yet ?

And if so keep them keep them in your growhouse for now but if it gets very cold with a frost take indoors.

My cuttings wont last in my greenhouse over winter be too cold for them.

11 Sep, 2009


I have overwintered them in an unheated greenhouse but i keep them on the dry side as it is more the wet that does the damage. but if you have an unheated light bedroom use that for some.

11 Sep, 2009


thanx scotkat and sea... it does get cold here in blackpool so think i should bring them in, i have the spare room so will pop them in there,shall i put them on window ledge or just keep them near with blinds open

11 Sep, 2009


scotkat i ment to say yes they have alot of roots which i did in water before potting on

11 Sep, 2009


they will need plenty of light and dont worry they will drop their leaves . window ledge but not direct sun.

11 Sep, 2009


ok sea i will pop them on side window as the front is south facing and lots of sun,ok so they still drop leaves and come back in spring im guessing,

11 Sep, 2009


just a thought leave all growth on your plants over winter but take any leaves off them keep them fairly dry in your cold greenhouse maybe cover with a old curtain or sacking on frosty nights. then in the spring when they start to grow take your cuttings and when you have enough cut your old plants back and you will have some lovely plants new and old..i used to have over 200 different fuchsia and used this method for many years ..
good luck with yours

13 Sep, 2009


thanx fezz im going to try to keep my plants to as you said, and thanx for the addvice :o))

13 Sep, 2009

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