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Hi, we have this climbing plant (see photos) growing up the back of the house (its actually 2 same plants growing either side of the french doors which meet together to form one continuous plant). Firstly can someone let me know the name of the plant, if you can tell from the photos? secondly, over the last 2-3 months parts of the plant have been dieing in patches and now most leaves have a grey/purple fungal like disease discolouration which is eating away at the leaves (I hope you can see this from the photos). This issue seems to be affecting both plants as it is all over. Any help would be much appreciated as we have been growing this plant for 10 years from 2 small cutting. thanks in advance.

Img_3259 Img_3260 Img_3262




Plant looks like a trachelospermum jasminoides. Does it have scented star shape flowers in summer? If so, it's a lovely plant and such a huge size. Sorry, don't know what the problem with the leaf die back is.


14 Nov, 2012


Trachelospermum for me...either jasminoides or asiaticum. That is a superb specimen

15 Nov, 2012


Thanks for the replies, gives small scented star shaped flowers for a couple of weeks only in summer, leaves are shinny waxy and about 6-8cm x 2-3cm in dimension. it grows like mad in the summer by up to 2-3cm per week and slower in autumn/winter but has now stopped growing completely.

Also just to add after being away on hols in Aug, we came back to find the plant had fallen away from the wall on the left side and so had to give it a severe prune down to the window level (3rd photo), before this it was about 4 foot higher on either side of the upstairs window. The growth stopped after this, patches died off and now nearly all leaves are showing the grey patches. Could this be just a coincidense or did I weaken it with too harsh a prune at the wrong time?

Have searched for diseases associated with T. Jasminoides but cannot find anyththing similar, am really worried it will die completely!!


Also just to add there are between 10-15 sparrows living within the plant, could their droppings be affecting the acidity of the soil?

15 Nov, 2012


the damage looks like insect damage like a leaf miner that eats away the inside of the leaf leaving the outer skin of the leaf discooured. Pick up the fallen affected leaves and destroy them.

The sparrows droppings wont make a significant difference to the soil, though it could scorch the leaf.
Could you prune back the damaged areas to a healthy set of stems. They would then regrow to hide the bare patches.

15 Nov, 2012


Thanks and yes I will prune out the damaged patches, however these seem to be different compared to the issue with the individual leaves. The patches (2nd photo) have bunches of leaves dried up and shrivelled to brown but don't show the same effect as whatever is blighting the individual leaves all over the plant (1st photo).

15 Nov, 2012

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