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By Tigga

w yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi,hope in allowed to ask more than one guestion ? 1st problem ,Acidanthra planted this year in sheltered SW position non have flowers(leaves look healthy )Secondly just received 3 hardy Osteospernum plugs from T&M, have potted up into 3in pots,no instructions regarding if these need to be indoors or out at this time of year.thanks in advance .regards Ann



The acidanthra may flower next year tehy dont always flower the first year after being replanted.
as for the osteopernum they do generally need to be kept frost free . There are a few hardy ones but most of the ones used for summer plantings will die in the frost.

You can ask as many questions as you like too. :o)

14 Nov, 2012


Personally I'd put the osteospermum out doors but keep an eye open for heavy frosts and put them in a green house or cold frame if it will be very cold.

14 Nov, 2012


It depends on whether they really 'are' the hardy ones - Osteospermum jucundum is the only one that is. Where you are, too, I wouldn't risk planting plugplants outdoors.

Acidanthera aren't all that reliable. I grow mine in pots, and give them winter protection. When they start to shoot, I water them freely - that was a Nurseryman's tip, and it works! I get flowers, which I didn't before.

14 Nov, 2012


Last year osteospemum in pots in the gh flowered right through until spring, the year before with the same care I lost them to the prolonged cold

15 Nov, 2012


thank all the people who have been most helpful

15 Nov, 2012

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