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hibiscus turning yellow


By Teddy

United Kingdom Gb

I have a hibiscus syriacus that i bought this year it is only just over a foot high and has not flowered now all its leaves have turned yellow is this normal for this time of year? If not is there anything that can be done? thanks

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This is a bit of a fussy plant - it likes humus enriched soil which is well drained, but doesn't like to be too dry, and needs the shelter of a wall and a sunny position. If you planted it this year, or recently, have you been making sure its watered enough? Leaf yellowing at this time of year might simply be autumning, particularly if the plant is very dry at the roots. One other thing, though - is your soil chalky or very alkaline? If so, you could try giving the plant a shot of sequestrene mixed in a watering can - garden centres sell it. Don't buy one of the acidifying feeds though, it shouldn't be fed this late in the year.

11 Sep, 2009

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