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stop cats from using garden for a litter box


By Vege

hamilton n.z, New Zealand Nz

looking for a freindly way as we have a 5 year old child that helps in the gardens as well the cats dig up our seedlings when they cover up



we use netting over any freshly dug and seeded area , until the seedlings are well established..........steve

11 Sep, 2009


You can get stuff to spray over your flower beds. BUT the best way of all, is to get a pet cat of your own (sorry). If you had your own cat, it would keep all other cats away. Or rather all other cats would want to stay away. If you dont want a cat of your own, then a really good tip is to cover the area with branches/twigs until the seedlings get big enough. Cats wont dig up areas that are planted - they only go for bare soil.

11 Sep, 2009


Cats often will just use the lawn not always bare soil. Get a water pistol and blast any cat you see they are a menace especially if it not your cat.I did use a sonic device at one time but my grandchild of 5 was affected by the high pitched noise which we couldn't hear.

12 Sep, 2009


i,ve tried, sprays, powders and gel, pepper, citrus peel, 2 types of plants cats supposedly dislike, twigs, covered cups of jeyes fluid under soil, etc etc. none of them work.
you would need to stand guard 24/7 with a watergun to be effective which is impossible.
The only thing that I tried which kept the cats off was netting tied onto canes covering areas until plants were established. I aslo wrapped some small strips of tinfoil around the netting at various places to rustle in the breeze which seems to distract the cats.
this worked well until I thought the plants were covering enough soil and removed the netting... next morning the cats were back... so the netting is back up.

12 Sep, 2009


My neighbour swears blind by soaking tea bags in jeyes fluid and placing them round the beds and borders and although I've not tried this myself I have to admit that the cats don't seem to bother his garden as much lately. Hope this helps.

13 Sep, 2009


Just read in a magazine to soak cotton balls in eucalyptus and place them around the plants.

17 Oct, 2009


don,t know if this helps but tried the jayes fluid on teabags when Jolr posted and cats have not back YET.

17 Oct, 2009

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