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Failed seedlings.

Argyll, United Kingdom Gb

The trough is all thats left of dozens of Aubrietia & Dianthus seeds sown in March/April. Not ever having seen (or rather studied) these plants before I don't even know what young plants are which.
There are a few that are much bigger which I think are Dianthus but the others look similar. Can you help out a hopeless case? Can you ID these and tell me what I may have done wrong to loose so many seedlings. Are these small for 6 mths old?




Hi Garden Fool,

I would say they are small for 6 months old. I can't really see any seedlings that look like Aubretia. They all look like dianthus to me.

My guess is that you have maybe killed them with kindness. Niether of these plants like to be really wet. They need really good drainage. Otherwise, the result is root rot.

12 Sep, 2009


I agree with Gilli, all those seedlings look like dianthus. Having sown the seeds how exactly did you go about growing them?

12 Sep, 2009


Thank you both for this.

Gilli, I thought there was enough drainage but perhaps not. Thinking of now putting them into individual pots with a sandy mix around them and see how it goes.

Moon Grower, I put around 3 seeds into each of 40 wee pots and left in a window intending to prick out or to divide the plug later. They were accustumed over a few weeks and then left out. Started to die off. Seemed to dry out quickly so re-potted what was left to this trough and other pots. Some are doing better than others even in the same trough, same soil, same watering etc. It also seems none of the Aubretia made it.

I suppose the lack of sun these past 8 weeks (West of Scotland) will not have helped either.
I have plenty of seeds left so will try again next spring.

12 Sep, 2009

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