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Can I grow Lavender and Daffodills together?

Herts, United Kingdom Gb

I have a fabulous annual display of daffs along the front of my garden wall. I really want something to follow up for the rest of the year. It has to be obvious to our local council verge strimmers! The site is full sun and chalk soil. the wall is only a couple of feet high, so it would be nice to have something that I can see over the top of it. Would lavender be a good choice? And are there any tips.



This sounds like a good idea. Also you could try crocosmia :o)

12 Sep, 2009


Not so sure about Lavender - its evergreen and the daffs would have to fight their way up through the wood and foliage. What about hardy fuchsias - they don't start growing properly much before the daffs are finished, so they can take over where they leave off.

12 Sep, 2009


I plop hostas over my daffodils cos this disguises the dying leaves of the daffodils. Not sure if you could see the hostas over your wall though. Although you would probably see their flowers

12 Sep, 2009


Thanks for these suggestions. I have just been given a load of daylilies. I guess these would work well, but will they push the daffs out?

17 Sep, 2009


More likely the daffs will have trouble coming up through the dense roots of the daylilies.

17 Sep, 2009

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