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How to care for Angels Trumpets


By Nigel

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

We bought an Angels Trumpet plant from outside someones house but have no idea how to care for it.At the moment it is in a pot in the garden and seems happy enough but what do we need to do to help it through the winter?Any general tips on caring on for would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.



I have 3 of these purchased this year. They need plenty of water and feeding. Mine are in flower now despite the fact that they did not get as much feeding and watering as they needed.
I will get them out of the garden and pot them before the frosts start. They are tender and need to be overwintered. With no greenhouse I plan to let them go dormant, put them in our frost free cellar and try to remember to give them a little water to prevent drying out.

12 Sep, 2009

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