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Potted Phormium 'Flowers'


By Roslil

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

My new zealand flax has flowered during the summer and now has lovely black seed pods filled with very black seeds. Has anyone ever managed to get the seeds to germinate with any success? Also, should I have let it flower as the whole plant is deteriorating - maybe it could just be pot bound?



Cut the flower stalks off, if you haven't already done so. As its flowered, it must be reasonably mature, and if you haven't repotted, then it will need it. This should really be done in the spring, at which point you can turn it out of its pot, cut it in half and replant the sections. You can't do that this time of year though, so if its desperate, and roots are hanging out of the pot, you will have to repot now. I think it is possible to grow from seed, but the usual method of propagation is to chop the thing in half or quarters and replant the rooted sections. Bear in mind that the plant puts energy into making the seed, rather than producing more leaf growth and staying really vigorous, which is why I'm telling you to cut the flowering stems off.

12 Sep, 2009


Thanks Bamboo. I'll wait til spring to repot and cut the flower stems out now

12 Sep, 2009


they germinate dead easily. I sowed five seeds in spring and all germinated. that was 8 years ago and one flowered this year. but i had treated it very badly, pot bound for 3 years :o)

12 Sep, 2009

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