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Do I need 2 sambucus nigra?

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone, I recently bought a sambucus nigra 'Black Lace', having been assured that I can keep it pruned it to whatever size I want. The label says that in order to get berries (for the birds) I need another sambucus nigra of a different variety. My problem is one of space! has anyone grown one of these on their own and got berries? Also, can you suggest one to go with 'Black Lace' if it's necessary? Thanks.



We get berries on ours and we only have that one as a cultivated variety. However the garden is surrounded by the native elder, so perhaps that is the pollen provider?

12 Sep, 2009


Now that's very interesting...I also bought a sambucus nigra earlier on in the year and although it flowered it didn't produce any berries....someone else in the street has one but it's pretty far away....looks like I might just have to make do with flowers cos can't fit another one in.

13 Sep, 2009

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