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can anyone identify this plant, please

United Kingdom Gb

I found it growing in Arran - it has beautiful blue berries, about the size of grapes. many thanks




i have seen this before ... memory struggling....
are those its leaves?

13 Sep, 2009


Thanks, Seaburn,
No, this plant was growing through th leafy one, unfoutunately!

13 Sep, 2009


Gaultheria forrestii? Or a Gaultheria of some description - there's another one that's evergreen and low growing with blue fruits, but they're more eggshaped.

13 Sep, 2009


thanks, for both responses and your help! Appreciated!

13 Sep, 2009


pity the strap leaves arnt it as that would have made it Dianella tasmanica. it produces a flower spike from the centre of the strap leaves.
ah well never mind. I enjoyed rummaging through my plant notes. I had seen Dianella in a NT garden in cornwall many years ago.

13 Sep, 2009


Funny, I would have said Dianella too. Saw one at Croft castle the other day.

13 Sep, 2009


And it does look as if the berries are coming out of that foliage...

13 Sep, 2009


I bough a Dianella back in March, potted it on...but no flowers as yet...

13 Sep, 2009


Thanks for all your help, much appreciated, your knowledge is formidable!
The berries may well have been growing through the foliage, it was a miserable wet day and I wasn't hanging around. Will try and source now!

best regards Patricia

13 Sep, 2009


keep us informed please :o)

13 Sep, 2009


I agree with those who said Dianella. I have one, but it hasn't flowered yet!!

15 Sep, 2009


My Dianella has though AA :-)

17 Sep, 2009


tsk....clever old is yours?; got mine lateish last year...

18 Sep, 2009


Got mine August last year and it really has just about trebled in size (bulked up that is, not grown three times bigger!!). Have you seen the variegated leaved ones at work? Next time you are in, I'll persuade you to buy one, quite cheap too!

18 Sep, 2009


Mine has not really grown that much.....a variagated one?.....might let you persuade me.... have just got my vouchers...but don't tell

18 Sep, 2009


thanks all, off to my local independent garden centre today to see if I can get one!

19 Sep, 2009


I got another variety at the Harrogate Show yesterday for £1.50!!!!! a bargain eh.....:)

20 Sep, 2009


One of the Galtherias used to be called Pernettia - no idea which though

4 Aug, 2012

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