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By Bouq1

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I have two japanese maples, bought around March time. They were growing very well, but of late the tips of the leaves are turning brown/brittle, i.e. dying. Could anyone provide advice please.



Hello.. I have two such trees and both go brown if exposed to a lot of wind. Also a note of caution..they don't like being pruned...I almost killed one of mine and it's taken 2 years for it to put on some new growth which is now going brown because my neighbour cut down a massive bush that protected it from the wind.

13 Sep, 2009


Hi Bouq1....your maples are just acting normally! this time of year the leaves do start to die off and fall....they are decideous plants.....they will grow again in the spring.....worry not!!

13 Sep, 2009


Thank you very much! As you have no doubt established, I am a novice gardener!

Thanks for taking the time to reply

13 Sep, 2009


Mine used to do exactly that when in an exposed spot. Its now sheltered between an apple tree and a mock orange, and looks healthy and happy!

13 Sep, 2009


the other thing is, have you been watering? Don't know where you live, but its been dry for ages here in London, and our grass looks like the Sahara ... If those trees are new this year, they will need a lot of water frequently.

13 Sep, 2009


Hi. Unfortunately, there has been no need to water - we have had nothing but rain in Cardiff for the last month! In fact, I was concerned they may become water-logged.

Thanks to all again for taking the time to help.

14 Sep, 2009


Oh dear, sorry, should have checked where you live! must be autumning and wind then.

14 Sep, 2009

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