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I have what look like white particles in a rose bed and want to disinfect it in case they are eggs of some kind. What do you recommend.



If they are white and can be squashed then they may be slug or snail eggs. Just expose them and let the birds eat them up. I wouldn't disinfect a bed as it will totally destroy the ecology in the soil including worms. Anyway slugs and snails don't really affect roses. If they are newly planted it may also be fertiliser pellets.

16 Nov, 2012


Thank you for that. They are not newly planted, but I have just winter pruned them. The "white bits" are exposed so I will have another look tomorrow in the daylight and see if they are squashable!

16 Nov, 2012


are they out of the rose stems? if yes it is just the pith. could you post a picture to help us help you better.

16 Nov, 2012

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