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Where do you get boards for raised beds?

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I want to make some raised beds to make gardening easier for Carol (and me, of course) but I can't find scaffold boards or anything else at a reasonable price. I've tried Ebay, Freecycle and a general google search without any luck so I have turned to my trusty friends here on GoY. Any advice or ideas please?



Try your local council re-cycling centre, Ian, they may have something useful.

14 Sep, 2009


you could use old pallets , broken down into single pieces and joined together to make whatever size bed you want.

14 Sep, 2009


Thanks GoY's
Hi Bulbaholic, our local council have sold this service to a private firm and they will not let you have anything.
Thanks Steve, I'm not sure if pallets will be strong enough as the beds are going to be 10 ft long (ish) and 3 ft. high.

14 Sep, 2009


Haven't you got a local timber yard near you? It's by far the cheapest way to buy timber rather than going to a DIY centre, or you could approach a scaffolding company and see if they have any old ones to dispose of.

14 Sep, 2009


Railway sleepers are the best, look in you free b paper or local paper there is always some being advertised for sale some where. or even free bay

14 Sep, 2009


wood yards yes but some times you find one that has second hand wood or recoverd wood ,and look out for firms knocking down buildings I once built a large shed with floorboards one inch plained and years of wax polish and rafters and beams, with windows and doors , 36ftx9ft 12ft to the apex, cost, a number of trips with a roof rack. good luck

15 Sep, 2009


HO'' that reminds me, go to your local skip firm , I once went to mine and asked if they would put decent wood one side for me as I used to make garden furniture for the local shelter tenents, and with a choise of hard wood's I also repaird their furniture , a hobby of mine, I thought it strange when he asked for my adress untill a week later when a skip of good usefull wood was tiped on my drive,you don't know about people unless you get off the proverble and go and ask.

16 Sep, 2009


Thanks Cliffo, I will try that as well. I spent some time today in town scouring the area for demolition works but to know avail. :~((

16 Sep, 2009

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