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Sad Fatsia


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

My Fatsia japonica seems to be suffering from an attack of what I can only describe as a white mildew but can't identify it. Can anyone help, especcialy if there is a cure.

On plant Fatsia japonica




bernard-- it looks more like a cordyline than a fatsia

as to the mildew it looks a bit as if the crown has been too wet and is rotting off

some of the others probably know more than me

14 Sep, 2009


Looks like a Phormium, and its suffering from Phormium mealybug - only thing I know that treats this is malathion, and I'm not sure you can buy it any more. You could check at the garden centre to see if they have any treatments for it, though, if malathion is no longer available. Unless you've got some knocking about still, Bernard?

14 Sep, 2009


I'd agree with you Pam not a fatsia and looks like rot

14 Sep, 2009


It's Phormium mealybug - I have to treat for this all the time, all over west London, Moongrower.

14 Sep, 2009


i always get cordylines and phormiums mixed up!

14 Sep, 2009


don't concern yourself, Pamg, I only know its a phormium because of what the disease is - you're right, it could have been either, cos we can't see whether it has a woody stem or not, but I'd bet my bottom dollar it is a Phormium, I've planted and grown at least 40 of these over the years.

14 Sep, 2009


You and I made our first postings at the same time Bamboo and I did not spot your comment about mealybug :-)

14 Sep, 2009


No worries, Moongrower - just didn't want Bernard to not know about his plant;-)

14 Sep, 2009


Absolutely not Bamboo, I have no problem being corrected or in sticking up my hand and saying 'I got that wrong' :-)

14 Sep, 2009


Thanks everyone for the info. I hang my head in shame at confusing Fatsia with Phormium - even I should know the difference. I've had a really good look at the plant and it is very badly infested, I tried to get rid of the infestation by cutting off the affected leaves, but there are so many and it seems to continue right down into the crown of the plant that I think I will have no option but to replace it. Boo Hoo.

15 Sep, 2009


If you get the malathion, you'll be amazed at how quickly the plant starts to look better, Bernard.

15 Sep, 2009

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