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I have a Pink Ttrumpet Vine (Bignonia Rosa) in a large terracota pot on a sunny terrace in southern Spain

Spain Es

It has been flowering beautifully all summer but has now stopped and has many long seed pods on it. I do not know what to do with the seed pods, no need to grow from them as the plants are so cheap to buy here. But what should I do with them? They seem to be taking over the plant. Ialso have two others of the same plant, in a different position, but some shade later int he day and they have not flowered at all. Any suggestions welcome

On plant Bignonia Rosa



Although it pains me to say so - take the pods off and dispose of them as the plant is putting all of its energy in producing seeds. (What I would give to be able to grow one here).

14 Sep, 2009

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