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lychnis [garders world]


By Jp11122

london, United Kingdom Gb

have had great joy out of my lychnis thanks to the advise from members at growson you.had 2 great flushes and still going strong but by the end of sept will need to cut back and seperate he's where i need help how much do i cut back and what do i need to do about seperateing and general after care.thanking all in advance .jamie



Lychnis isn't a perennial that can be "separated" - if you want to increase it, you can do cuttings or grow from seed. Wait for the topgrowth to die right down and then remove it, although you can cut out the flowering stems as soon as they're done.

14 Sep, 2009


Hi Jamie, I started with a couple of lychnis coronaria a few years ago and have never been withouit them since. They self seed randomly and surprise you in all sorts of corners. Just pull out the ones you don't want. I leave as many as possible as they are so undemanding and give so much colour and structure over a long period. The new growth has started at the base of this years plants so I shall just remove the old flower stems, scatter any remaining seed and that's it! Good luck, and if by any chance you find yourself without any---I've got loads!

14 Sep, 2009

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