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I have an Anthedesia Red...the flowers all died off a month or so ago. Now most of the leaves have turned yellow and dropped off...only 3 leaves remain at present !!! Is it possible to bring my plant back or has it 'had it' ??????
Thanks in anticipation of your advice....Sue W



Have you checked to make sure that you have been meeting its requirements? It needs bright, indirect light--no direct sunlight, but it should be within a meter of an open-exposured (no trees or porch roof to block the light) north window, or an east-facing window with a screen to filter the sun. It needs the compost to dry about a cm deep between waterings, and it needs to drain thoroughly after watering. It needs regular, but not heavy, feeding with a high nitrogen, low phosphate, and moderate potash fertilizer--just follow package directions for houseplants. It needs moderate indoor temperatures--around 21º-25º C. Moderate amounts of humidity--about 40%--are good for it, too. If it still has a few leaves, it will probably recover, though it may take a year or more to regain its lost glory.

18 Nov, 2012


many thanks for your is appreciated.
I will give it a feed and water as you suggest and see how we go. Thanks again

20 Nov, 2012


You're welcome! : )

21 Nov, 2012

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