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Need help with constructing a water resivoir

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Hi all - I'm wanting to build a water feature that consists of an antique pump, from which water will rune. I want the water to fall on a rock and then trickle down into a resivoir below. I only want water trickling through the rocks and into a resivoir below. I am not wanting a pond affect and do not want to see the water collection resivoir from which the pump will operate, I need this to be essentially underground. Will the pump operate fine if its submerged and surrounded by gravel. Will it get enough water supply?



There are hundreds of submersible pumps to be found on the market, all with different power outputs. However, like any pump, they need a clear feed of water or they will run dry - which is not good! Maybe you could fit a submersible pump within some large rocks, which will allow sufficient water to reach the impeller inside the pump body, yet keep it hidden from view. Another option would be to construct a simple underground sump from where the pump could operate.

15 Sep, 2009

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