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What is this plant


By Tiffiny

United Kingdom Gb

Hi I have just moved into my flat and in the garden we have the following plant growing. Please can you help me identify it?

Many thanks




It looks like a Lily. It grows from a bulb. There are probably several bulbs here.

24 May, 2008


It looks like what is marketed here in the spring as Easter Lilies, White and very showy, most people can't keep them growing because the humidity is too high in the southern US. Used for Mother's Day sometimes also for cemetery decorations.

24 May, 2008


Many thanks for your responses

I live in London England do you think they will survive here?

Is there any tips on looking after them?

24 May, 2008


There is no reason why they should not survive. If they were in the ground when you moved into the flat they may have been there quite some time. I grow them in pots because slugs usualy eat them, but they last for several years.

24 May, 2008


In your climate of not too humid and not too hot these should be no problem as Bloydn says. They are all ready established so may have been there an extended amount of time.

25 May, 2008


Lilies or some sort :) At least 9 bulbs in the photo. Are the stalks furry? I have several different lilies; but my fav the tiger lily, the stalks are covered with a white fur. They look happy and heathy where they are.

25 May, 2008

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