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I bought an ornamental pear tree (Pyrus Callayara) in the Autumn 3 years ago. I was attracted by its flame red foliage when I bought it. I was looking forward to seeing this color again each Autumn but disappointingly its leaves have never turned red again since I planted the tree after purchasing it. Instead in November the leaves briefly turn yellow and fall straight away or just fall from green.
The tree is very healthy and has grown extremely well. In the summer its foliage is glossy green with no sign of disease. Is there anything I can do to encourage the tree to get the Autumn color I thought it would have?



This tree is very variable in how much autumn colour it produces - the leaves change quite late in the season, so in a wet or damp year, if there are early frosts, you're unlikely to see anything much other than yellow. In a dry year, you might find the tree starts to 'autumn' earlier, and those leaves will then have more time to sit on the tree, slowly changing colour, before hard frosts start and they all drop off immediately.

17 Nov, 2012


Thank you, so it really is just down to weather!

17 Nov, 2012


'Fraid so. Oddly, if you live in the north or midlands, you're less likely to see good coloration - it gets cold much earlier than it does in the south and west. Well, usually, who can tell with the climate changing the way it is now...

17 Nov, 2012


I think it is more to do with wind and light than just cold. I have 2 ornamental cherry trees that still have most leaves (sheltered south facing) - they are red coloured now, a neighbour's one had some leaves till last week (sheltered SE facing), another neighbour has one in SW faicing but very exposed to wind and it lot all its leaves over a months ago.

17 Nov, 2012


Also, plants often have different colours when they are in a pot in the garden centre. Usually too much or too little of something!

19 Nov, 2012

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