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Cacti/succulents, wrong space, wrong place?

Argyll, United Kingdom Gb

The two cacti in the picture we've had for some years in their own wee pots. Recently I bought the two succulents and potted them all up together. (nothing had labels so I don't know names so ID would be really good too).
The cacti are growing quite quickly and the plant on the right has some of the large cacti spines growning into it and is looking a little soft and wilting.
Are these all ok together in the same growing conditions?
Are they in need of more space? (should the spines be touching)
Thanks for looking.




when I grew them years ago they seemed to do better on their own--they even flowered quite well and I don't think that the poor old succulent would like being stabbed.....

but they do look nice altogether

15 Sep, 2009


they do look nice but it is easier to cater for their needs if they are seperate. i find succulents need more water than cacti so dont like living with eachother.

15 Sep, 2009


Ah, thank you, I did wonder about the watering but something similar was displyed together at a supermarket g/centre. I thought I had perhaps been wrong (wouldn't be the first time!!!)...I guess it was just a sales display for effect.
Yes Pamg, I don't think the inpaled plant took to kindly to that and it could certainly look a lot healthier than it does
I best get them seperated.
Thanks again.

15 Sep, 2009

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