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By Usernut

scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I lifted these oxalis iron cross from a container and the pic is of what i dug out. can I store these for next year?
if so, do I store the full thing or the small things that is growing from the larger bulb. the smaller corm things are what I planted in the first place.




Can't you just repot it and leave it outside? I never take mine out of the pot, just leave it in and it grows again the following year ,although it is in a sheltered spot. Though mine is Oxalis triangularis, which I think is slightly more tender than Iron Cross.

15 Sep, 2009


Hi Usernut you need to repot them, they will not be at all happy sitting around out of the ground over winter.

15 Sep, 2009


I can repot them now, should I repot the full thing or remove the corms and pot them?

15 Sep, 2009


Just repot the corms and be very gentle.

15 Sep, 2009


Plant them as they are, at the same level as before.

15 Sep, 2009

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