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I want an acer for a small area of the garden because I love the colours they produce but I don't want it to grow into a large tree. The acres I have looked at all have a max height of 2m which is far too big.
Is it possible to keep them small by pruning or is there a variety of acer that is more bush like that still produces amazing colours?



We have a couple of weeping Japanese acers that are less than a metre in hight great for foliage effect.

18 Nov, 2012


I've just treated myself to Acer palmatum Orange Dream, which I have in a pot. It is a slow growing variety, so will be quite a few years before it needs repotting. Keeping them in a pot will restrict the growth, but you could always prune and reshape your acer if necessary.

18 Nov, 2012


I have Acer palmatum atropurpureum dissectum ( such a long name!) and is is only 4 feet high...but 8 feet wide! The plant, not the name! Would this type do?

19 Nov, 2012


Thanks everyone.

I'm pretty useless at gardening so the likelihood of any plant surviving long enough to grow into a tree is not great but will definitely look into those suggestions.

Practise after all makes perfect and I can but try!
Thanks again xx

19 Nov, 2012


Basically in a pot, an Acer will rarely reach its full height potential. You can always prune it. Now is a good time to buy as they are cheaper at this time of year.

19 Nov, 2012


Keep it in a semi shaded spot out of the wind or the leaves may possibly go brown and fall.

19 Nov, 2012


All our Acers are in pots and all different, there in the shade of the house outside our lounge, lovely in the green and a WOW when changing to Autumn colours, as Steragam said keep in semi shade and out of the wind.

20 Nov, 2012

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