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Correct time to move Pauls' Scarlet Climbing Rose.

Hello. I'd like to move a Pauls Scarlet climbing rose. What time of year should this be done? Thanks.



Any time over winter when the ground is still workable. I have Pauls scarlet too and know how high it can climb. Prune it down to a third first. Should be fine.

18 Nov, 2012


Many thanks Janey.

Yes, the rose climbs high-one stem being 12 foot vertically. There lies the problem. Whoever planted it did so between 2 shrubs with no supports to tie it horizontally which I'm told aids flowering. (I know nothing about gardening) lol

I could put supports but the rose would still be hidden. By winter do we mean Jan/Feb? Cutting it down by a third would be a great help in moving it.

19 Nov, 2012


I would say now is as good a time as any, prune down to the third, including the 12ft stem, and move with as much soil as possible around the roots. When you have planted it in the new location, firm it down really well, and I would then leave it over winter till March when the new shoots will be appearing. Re shape it by pruning out any weak and crossing stems from the middle and prune to an outward facing bud on the others. You'll be able to train it more laterally as the new soft stems grow, also fork in some blood fish and bone fertiliser around it and it should be one happy Rose.....:0))

19 Nov, 2012


Roses often have a kind of long taproot, so you may have to dig down quite a way to get the root out. They often don't seem to have many little roots either. You will have to keep it well watered all next spring and summer to help it settle into it's new home.

19 Nov, 2012

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