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Can anyone identify this plant please?


By Hprlady

Lincs, United Kingdom Gb

Down in Devon recently and I came across a piece of a plant which had been knocked off a hanging basket in the middle of Torquay. It seemed a shame to leave it to die,
so I brought it home and put it in water and was delighted to see it had rooted. I now have three plants but would like to know what they are!

In answer to replies so far, yes - the leaves are soft and slightly furry. No, there is no smell to them if you rub them. The spike of flowers on the cutting I am still rooting is long and the flowers are tiny and blue. They remind me a bit of the buddliea.

Have just looked up Stachys on the 'net and judging by the photo thereon, it looks very much like 'lambs ears' Thanks for all your replies on this one, they are much appreciated.

Have taken some pics of the flower spike if that helps.

The leaves on this plant are thick and furry, not at all like the photo of Salvia leaves I looked up on the 'net.




Could it be some variety of stachys? If the leaves are soft and fury then it could be. If it is from hanging basket it is more likely to be an annual and I think stachys are a perennial.

16 Sep, 2009


Other option is sage. do the leaves smell when you rub them and did the plant in the basket have any flowers?

16 Sep, 2009


Look like Tibouchina leaves to me. Did the plant in the basket have blue flowers?

16 Sep, 2009


I have a Tibouchina urvilleana and this doesn't look like the one I have, The tib leaves are a little more green and it is a shrub. This was taken from a hanging basket and I don't think they would grow well in that?

16 Sep, 2009


Oh, that pic is a bit different - not Tibouchina then - there is a dwarf trailing one, Andrea.

17 Sep, 2009


It does look like a Salvia which is the same genus as sage. Thanks wagger, I didn't know that. My tibochina is in full flower at the moment, it look great

17 Sep, 2009


They are stunning flowers, Andrea. I used to have one but sadly lost it. Don't really have anywhere suitable to overwinter it.

18 Sep, 2009

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