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White Woody Material on Plants.

What is the white coloured material on plants such as in the photo. Is this material dead and how to tidy it up?

Plant_id_11_001 Plant_id_12_001 Plant_id_12_002



Is the plant the honeysuckle/clematis you want help with?

The bare stes are the leafless vines and will be aive.
Depending on what it is will depend on how you treat it. If it is honeysuckle you can cut some of it off if it is getting too large. It will regrow easily.
if its a clematis it will depend on when it flowers as to when you prune it.
if it flowers early spring then you can cut it back as soon after flowering as you like.
if it is a mid sumer flowerer then prune in spring.

but a cose up f the leaves will help identify the plant for a better bit of advice.

18 Nov, 2012


Thanks seaburn girl.

I don;t know what the plant is or when it flowers because its a new house and no id.

18 Nov, 2012


Leaves look like Clematis leaves to me.

18 Nov, 2012


I'd go for clematis now we have the other photos. Thanks.
ask your neighbour when it flowers. this will then help decide when it needs pruning.
You could just leave it alone for now and see what it is like next year. many clematis are deciduous so they are all bare like this in my garden.

18 Nov, 2012

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