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By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

Hi all
I have 3,4 honeysuckle in pots but i think one of the pots is to small the plant is growing up a trellis (about 6' in height) was wondering any easy way of repotting to a larger pot without removing growth from trellis which i think might be difficult,any Goyers ever tried this?any help much appreciated Thanks



Not with a honeysuckle but with other things. If possible have another pair of hands available... get the new pot and compost/soil into position. Lift up the pot the honeysuckle is in at present and knock out (this is where 2 pairs of hands is good) whilst one person hold the honeysuckle that has been knocked out of the pot the other one fills the new pot to the required depth with soil. Pop the honeysuckle in and thank your assistant. If the plant looks pot bound tease out the roots a little. Continue to fill the new pot up with soil to the same level that the honeysuckle was planted before firm down but not too much. Water well and watch over for a wee while...

16 Sep, 2009


Thank You Moon grower for the tips will try it this weekend was a bit wary of doing this i dont want to lose the honeysuckle as i`v watched over it lovingly Lol as i do with all plants,,let you know how the operation goes:~))))

16 Sep, 2009


Good luck Mobee!

16 Sep, 2009


Thanks Moon grower!!!

16 Sep, 2009

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