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Is this poisonous

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We've recently moved into a house in Calgary, Alberta and there is a large tree/bush in the garden. It has dark red leaves and darkish red berries. I would like to know what it is and if the berries are poisonous as we have 3 yr old.




It looks like it could be an ornamental flowering crabapple. It's hard to tell from this picture. Can you get a close up?

If it is a crabapple then the fruit isn't poisonous but as it is ornamental it may not taste very nice.

17 Sep, 2009


Hi Brownstar and welcome, I'd agree with Gilli that it looks like an ornamental crabapple. There are many plants in the garden which are toxic and the best thing is to teach your 3 year old that they must not pick and eat anything from the garden.

17 Sep, 2009


I have this tree in the garden and was wondering what it was, I am pretty sure I/you/we have nailed it. I always thought it might be an ornamental prunus/cherry because the 'apples' are so small. Thinks its the variety called 'Royalty' (malus royalty) Years of searching over, thanks GOY :))

17 Sep, 2009


Glad we could help Weatherwise

17 Sep, 2009


THanks for the answers, I've added a close up shot of the fruit

17 Sep, 2009


Yup...that is an ornamental crabapple. Enjoy this beautiful tree. :o)

19 Sep, 2009


thanks for the help :o)

19 Sep, 2009

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