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By Gralew

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

My neighbours Photina Red Robin is peeping over my fence. She says I can take cuttings if i want to, but i don't know whether they'll take. Advice please



I find they take really well Gralew, nothing too lose if your neighbour has said you can help yourself

19 Nov, 2012


you also have nothing to lose as said bye annella .

20 Nov, 2012


Take some semi ripe cuttings now Gralew. About 6 - 8ins long, take the lower leaves off and cut the rest in half, to lessen moisture evaporation. Fill a small plant pot with a mixture of damp compost and sharp sand. Dip the end of the cutting into hormone rooting powder and stick into the compost up to 3 - 4ins. I would then pop it into a see through plastic bag and keep it in a warm and bright position. Check it regularly and mist the remaining leaves. In about 6 weeks, it should be rooting well. To test for this, tug gently on the cutting and you will feel resistance it it's taken, leave for a few more weeks till it's has a decent root system then repot, to plant out in Spring.

21 Nov, 2012


Thanks Janey, I shall follow these instructions :)

22 Nov, 2012

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