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how do i grow mushroom from indoors


By Mayobo

Uganda Ug

I would like to learn how to grow oyester mushrooms indoors.



i was looking this up for someone and some mushrooms need special light to make them grow, they are a fungi so some need damp , put it in your search engine and there are sites to show you and mushroom grow packs to buy as well, hope this helps

17 Sep, 2009


I have just bought a kit from the garden center No mushrooms as yet.

17 Sep, 2009


are they hard work donnah?

17 Sep, 2009


I have never grown them myself but a chap I knew once had a smallholding, and he kept a pile of well strawed manure about three squar yards and one high, the top layer had dried out , and when you lifted it as I did most mornings befor him, there was allways a crop of button mushrooms, by the way he knew that it was me ,and did not mind, there was no work involved excepted lifting the crust which was dry and therfor light and clean.the best tasting I have ever had.

18 Sep, 2009


just opened an email from suttons and they have exotic mushrooms as a special

18 Sep, 2009


The ones I bought came on 4 boards You had to wet them and put them into the airing cuboard or some where dark and warm for 3 weeks Then bring into the light but still to keep warm as well. These are the exotic ones The bright yellow ones. The mushrooms are surpose to grow on the boards. But no luck yet

19 Sep, 2009


my surjestion was to produce warm and dark, think about it' the chap I new just put the spors (that's what they are called) on to the layer below the crust and I belive that it works for any type proberly with the exception of what we called horse mushrooms (flat's now in the supermarket) because they would push the crust off, the airing cubord stuff is because they wish to sell them, and it is posable to grow them their way.but my way is quicker and a lot more reliable,

19 Sep, 2009

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