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primulas, some questions..


By Usernut

scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I had 6 plants squashed into a trough and today dug them out and seperated them, they're still flowering. I planted 4 of them in a large tub which has bulbs in it. and two in another trough with orange coloured heather.
what happens to the primulas in the winter? do they die off?
I also noticed a couple of seed pod things, can I collect them and if so when's the best time?




No, they should stay green, but possibly will have a break from flowering. As for the seedpods, I haven't tried collecting the seeds - but I'm sure somebody else will have!

17 Sep, 2009


You can try collecting and growing the seeds but they are not likely to come true as the flowers will have been pollinated by bees etc. and you could get any colour.

17 Sep, 2009


I never bother to save and sow the seeds - I found nature did it for me if I left it alone! Like MG says - you will get some surprises - very often very nice ones! The original plants should give you a lovely show through the winter and especially in early spring once they have bulked up after their move....enjoy!

17 Sep, 2009


thanks for all the replies..I had an idea they'd stay green over winter but wasn't sure and I quiet like the thought of maybe getting different colours.

17 Sep, 2009


i took mine up and threw them at the bottom of garden, then forgot, i found them a few weeks ago and still ok so ive planted them in pots,

17 Sep, 2009

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