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By Galest

Hungary Hu

I have a Victoria Plum tree which is about 7 yrs old and ive only had 1 plum and that was in its first year of fruiting. Every year is covered in flowers and the trees buzzing with bees the petals fall and theres loads of tiny plums the size of a pea but over the next 4 weeks they all drop. Every years its the same and every fruit that drops has a tiny black spot at the end no bigger than a pin prick. Over the years ive cut open these fruit which is difficult as they are so small and theres no sign of damage inside. Any ideas as its so frustrating!



Are there any other plums in the area to cross pollinate

Or could they have been caught by a late frost, here in the English midlands it can be touch and go if the immature plums survive.....all depends on the weather

19 Nov, 2012


Drought and/or high winds can cause massive fruit drop at that stage, also. A heavy dose of fertilizer at the wrong time could do that, too.

20 Nov, 2012


Thanks for your answers. Victoria is self fertile and I have 3 other plum trees so thats not the problem neither is frost as the peach and Apricots that flowered are fine.
We have no problems with drought and its only a few weeks since the winter snows (2ft of it) have thawed and I dont fertilize till after all the fruit trees have set fruit which is end of April. Im sure its to do with the little black spot at the end of the plum its just trying to find out what causes it.

23 Nov, 2012


Can you post a picture of the spot, Galest? Obviously too late this year, but I was hoping that you had photos from this spring.

24 Nov, 2012


Hello no sorry I have no pics, im susally that disgusted and dissapointed that i ll have no plums again it doesnt occur to me to take pictures. All I can do it take some next yr but that wont help next yrs crop. Im sure whatever it is comes when the flowers are out as when the petals fall and you can see the little plums its already to late.

24 Nov, 2012


There are several insects that attack plums, but I don't know which ones hit in Europe. I seem to remember some people having problems with "maggots" in 2010, and '11. I wonder if the same bug attacks that early in the fruit's life cycle?

25 Nov, 2012


Hmm im not sure but its definatly something attacking when the flowers are there and yet it doesnt bother the other plum trees. I must pay more attention next year and see if I can find the culprit. If I cld find something inside the fruit it wld be more helpful but they are so small when it happens - maybe thats the time to get the magnifying glass out!

25 Nov, 2012

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