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Plant Id Please

And how to care for it. The plant is 3.5 feet tall and about 10 inches wide. It has a label close to it saying Lobelia Deep purple haze-not sure.

Plant_id_13_001 Plant_id_14_002 Plant_id_14_001



Hi this is Linaria, common name purple loostrife.
It is easy and hardy. It seeds freely, doesnt need staking and generaly pest free.

If this isnt the same one you were asking about yestreday then that id was wrong.

19 Nov, 2012


I imagine that the Lobelia died and the Linaria purpurea seeded into the space. It will seed around a lot unless you remember to deadhead it. Cut down the tall shoots now but leave any leafy short ones. In Spring it will throw up more shoots and flower for you. There is a lovely pink form called 'Canon Went' that you can buy as seed.

19 Nov, 2012


it looks like purple toadflax to me

19 Nov, 2012


Seaburngirl-No, its a different plant.

19 Nov, 2012


can you do some good close ups of the leaves and stem and any seed heads for the other one then please.

19 Nov, 2012

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