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ivy roots


By Mishuk2

United Kingdom Gb

hi sorry to ask again but do the roots cause problems long term ? thanks i mean if i leave the ivy will the roots grow and can they cause any problems?



The ivy can re-grow from them

18 Sep, 2009


The roots will get larger and thicker over time, and the root spread will increase, for sure. I don't recall any cases of ivy roots being the cause of structural damage beneath soil level when I worked for an architect, it was always tree roots of one kind or another. Even so, having seen how far and wide and large the roots get, I don't think I'd choose to put one up a house wall, just in case - and ivy does definitely damage mortar and render.

18 Sep, 2009


As we know to our detriment... sigh!

18 Sep, 2009


Ivy usually only damages render and mortar if it is or poor quality, any cracks means it can get its roots in

19 Sep, 2009


I hesitate to disagree with your comment, Nicky, given there's quite a lot of aggro on the site currently (not with you, I hasten to add, nor me, at least i hope not), but its parthenocissus that MIGHT damage mortar and render IF it is in poor condition. Ivy WILL damage it, even if its brand new and perfect. Or so the firm of architects I worked for, who did repair work of this kind, informed me, and I certainly saw enough cases in my time there...

19 Sep, 2009

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