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Prostanthera cuneata. alpine mint bush


By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

I have just bought a pot of this, something I had never come across before, though the smell is reminiscent of some sort of massage ointment for sore muscles. It looks as if I could split it easily into four separate tiny bushes. Would that be ok?

I am a little dismayed on reading about it to see that it appears not to be frost hardy. That's not what it says on the label :-(



Hmmmm! Minus 30 in winter eh? Well Cestina, that is a continental winter for you.

Plant it in the most sheltered part of your garden. Your summer temperatures are of course fine but you may have to fleece it in the worst weather during winter. Here in the uk (surrounded by water as we are) that at least moderates us so we can grow this here. We have one up in Northumberland in the north east of England that has done fine for quite a few years now.

I would take a few cuttings of it right now to overwinter on a bright windowsill over winter just in case.

18 Sep, 2009


Sounds like another one to be in that window in your cool, unheated house, Cestina;-)

18 Sep, 2009


Yes, I'm wondering whether to split it up now in fact, or leave it in its pot (or a slightly bigger one) and do as Bamboo suggests, not planting it out till I get back in early May next year.

Good thing I have lots of broad window sills - I think this time round the blinds/curtains will have to be left more or less far I have mentally assembled hydrangeas, pelargoniums, alpine mint bush (what's it doing with a name like that if it isn't truly frost hardy?) and plumbago. Not to speak of the pot plants in the house. Thank goodness the fuchsias go elsewhere.

19 Sep, 2009


It's a woody based shrub so I would take cuttings rather than split it up though Cestina.

19 Sep, 2009


These are beautiful plants, they have white small orchid type flowers from the tips of the branches. It is a New Zealand plant so it may stand a chance here. I'd leave it in tact until Spring and plant it in a ceramic pot that can be moved to a warmer position/shed/greenhouse if you think it will suffer. I have 3 in my garden, I am going to leave them insitu and cross my fingers. They will grow up to 3' tall and across

20 Sep, 2009

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