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Could you tell me IS this an Aspargus Fern


By Swanky

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've had it for years,it looks like Aspargus Tips when it starts shooting up !!??




looks like it to me--my dad had one before asparagus got popular!

18 Sep, 2009


I can say a yes too as my neighbour recently pruned hers right back and I asked what it was

x x x

18 Sep, 2009


Yes, the fern as you call it is the leaves of Asparagus, the one we eat. The Asparagus fern for floral display is a greenhouse plant (fern) with prickles on and an irritant, not used much now. We had it in the bouquet I made for my wife with red Carnations when we married.

18 Sep, 2009


Yup I remember it in my wedding bouquet too! We used to have one... the cats ate it!!

18 Sep, 2009


I think this IS asparagus...the fern is slightly different...we have one that my mother-in-law grew ( she was a florist ) to use in buttonholes and's about 20 years old! Ours is a housplant, though, and kept indoors. It gets miniscule white pom-pom type flowers down the length of the 'leaf' and drops .needles' everywhere...and yes, cats seem to quite enjoy pulling it to pieces!

The garden veg. has quite soft leaves, the 'fern' is a bit prickly and a different shape as Doctorbob1 says.

19 Sep, 2009


Thanxs everyone i thought it was but the lable fell off.[sounds like a song]so i thought i'd check with you experts,

19 Sep, 2009

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