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Can anyone confirm name of tall yellow flowered plant




I'd say it was a Helianthus, but which one is hard to tell. Does it spread?

21 Nov, 2012


It spreads but only like a normal herbaceous clump would... My customer who's garden this is from, believes that it is a Cephalaria. But I don't think it is, whenever I've searched the web for it using this name, it will bring up pictures of scabious, which really doesn't compare in the slightest.
It will grow about 6 to 7 foot high, With beautiful drooping petals of bright yellow. Flowers will last from mid to late late summer.
Thanks Brett

21 Nov, 2012


Neither Scabiosa (Cephalaria) nor Helianthus, I reckon this is one of the Rudbeckia family. There are a few, but at that heigh possible R. maxima. The central dark part of the flower gives them their popular name of 'coneflower'.

21 Nov, 2012


Helianthus or Helenium for me although they're all very similar...Rudbeckias, Echinaceas, heleniums, Helianthus....all similar

21 Nov, 2012


I think it is rudbeckia laciniata "Golden glow"

21 Nov, 2012


Fantastic, 100% Rudbeckia laciniata "Golden Glow"
I can now start referring to it by its proper name
Thanks all

21 Nov, 2012

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