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I have matted fine root in my compost

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I believe this means that a nearby tree has got into my compost and is taking all the goodness. Do I need to throw all the current compost away? Should I put some rubber matting down to stop the roots getting in? We don't have a big garden so no obvious other place to put the compost bin. Real shame as i was hoping to add the compost to a small raised veg bed we have.



Any matting you put down will stop beneficiall creatures, e.g worms from getting into your compost bin which i'snt what you want.

The compost should still be fine to use and i wouldn't throw it away! unless its a solid mass of root. If its ready to be used, then fork it out and the roots should just comoe out, give them a shake and then use it.

Are the roots in the compost or actually lead outside of the heap?

19 Sep, 2009

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