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Suggestions for good drought resistant plants?


By Raquel

Texas, United States Us

I have some clay pots and this year the heat (and ants) killed my thinking of planting with drought resistant plants only...any suggestions? I can think of: vincas, pentas, portulacas, marigolds...but i'd like variety...thank you!



Well, Vinca can take dry(ish) soils but it likes shade and would still suffer too much drying in a pot.

How about hardy succulents? Sedums offer such a wide range of leaf shape and colour plus flower at various times through the growing season depending on species or type.

If you went on holiday for a fortnight, they would still look fine when you came back too!

20 Sep, 2009


Geraniums are pretty drought resistant, though - if you can keep the ants out, they're still a good option. There's no special reason why the ants invaded the pot with geraniums in, they're likely to invade any pot that's conveniently located for them (see my other answer on ants)
Silver/grey leaved plants and herbs are also good options for dry situations, and the "whipcord" hebe species

20 Sep, 2009

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