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orchid, a Phalaenopsis orchid- I think

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I was bought an orchid in July which has flowered beautifully until last week when one by one the flowers have died - there are just two left and these are beginning to look as if they won't last much longer. I have carefully watered it and it is in a good position - not too hot and not in direct sunlight. Please can you tell me whether I should cut the stems off once the flowers have all gone? also some of the roots on the outside top of the plant just below the leaves are quite limp and grey - others in the see through plastic pot look green and healthy. Should I cut these limp roots off - I have tried to put them into the pot but they keep springing back out as they are not long enough to go into the bark etc. They were like this when i was given the plant. All replies will be much appreciated. Thanks

help much appreciated - last two flowers hanging on but have virtually withered - will now pluck up courage and cut the stems. Thanks again for all replies



Some of the roots do hang out - no problem, that's normal. Don't let them get soggy in the pot!

When the last flower has dropped off, cut the stem back to just above the lowest little flap on the stalk.

The orchid should then produce a new flower stem, either from the old one, or from between the leaves.

Good luck - they are great plants! Mine are rarely without a flowering stem. :-))

20 Sep, 2009


Follow Spritzhenry's advice and your orchid will be fine. Just remember never to let the pot sit in water for more than a short amount of time. With mine I allow water to run through, sit to drain and then put back in the cache pot.

20 Sep, 2009


Oh, and I feed mine about every month while they're in flower - with a dry orchid food that gets mixed with the water - rain water is best to water them with, but I often use condensed water or cooled boiled water.

20 Sep, 2009


I feed them to - when I remember :-)
A serious orchid grower also suggested putting them all in a container with water and feed once in a while and leaving for - say - half an hour the lifting our and draining. Seems this makes sure the symbiotic fungus continues to exist. Please tell me if this is a load of b.s.

20 Sep, 2009 I allowed to confer on that one, Mg?? lol.

20 Sep, 2009


Please do Spritz...

20 Sep, 2009

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