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Dolichos bean on terrace

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, India In

How and in which season dolichos bean can be grown? What type of soil and manure required?

On plant Dolichos lublub

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an indin bean tree is resnably happy in english weather thow a late frost while its budding can knock it back a bit .

22 Nov, 2012


NB Vivek lives in India!

22 Nov, 2012


Indian been is relatively a cool season and wrought resistant crop. The plants starts fruiting from the beginning old cold season 2 ½ - 3 months after sowing and continue to give green pods through winter and spring month.
Loam, silty loam and clay loam soils are best suited for Indian bean.
It should be sown in the monsoon season in July- August and it will flower in Novemeber – December .

23 Nov, 2012


oooops sorry about that .

23 Nov, 2012


Wait a minute, Mona! Vivek is talking about a Catalpa tree, not an edible crop.

Vivek, Catalpas prefer a warm temperate climate, so Odisha may be too tropical for it too thrive. If you want to try it, I would plant it at the beginning of your coolest season, in soil well conditioned with compost, or composted manure, with plans to apply more compost to the surface twice a year, over the extent of the dripline, as the tree grows.

24 Nov, 2012


I m studyng agricultral B.Sc n in my horticultr clas I was taught dat indian bean is a heavy climbr...i made a woodn house without top so i think dis climbr wil do 4 my roof....wil it?

29 Nov, 2012


Try googling it Vivek!

29 Nov, 2012


Well, the species attached to your question is a tree, but the "beans" are not edible, to the best of my knowledge.
Are you maybe thinking of a different kind of bean? Gawar, Yard Long, Adzuki, or Papdi Beans? I have had experience with Yard Long beans, but the rest would be a mystery to me. With the Yard Longs, they would be very good for keeping the sun off in the late spring and summer, but they would be a very leaky "roof" in the rain, and would probably get ragged, at best, in the winter, and as the vines age.

30 Nov, 2012


I was taught abt this indian bean plant that its a vegetable crop n so it must b edible....i need it to grow for roofing....n morovr i can harvst beans.

30 Nov, 2012


Nope this is a tree now an edible bean Iciar.

30 Nov, 2012


Well, the Catalpa bignonioides that Vivek associated his question with is an ornamental tree, but now I am not so sure that that is the plant that he meant to ask about.
Still waiting for feedback from him! : )

4 Dec, 2012


Tugbrethil: Ya you are right,its a tree not a climber. But my teacher told me Indian bean is also known as dolichos/country bean, i am expecting that it wil grow wel here in Odisha state of India...

7 Dec, 2012


Ah! This website may be helpful, Vivek:
My own limited experience with them indicates that they don't like temps much over 39º C, or below 5º C. They might be a cool-season crop in your neighborhood, then.

8 Dec, 2012


Hello Vivek,
I see you were discussing this question earlier, so maybe you have found the information that you wanted.

I am no expert for sure!, but I have just Googled Dolchis lublub and it corrected it to Dolchis lablab, so maybe that is what you have got.
I clicked on the images section and there are lots of photos there you could look at to see if any of them are like yours.
Then you could go to the web section and get all the information that you need.

Just a suggestion Vivek.
All the best

28 Dec, 2012


Thank u so much. Shril....i am finding the seed i can plant it next year

28 Dec, 2012


Hooooope all grows well for you Vivek.

28 Dec, 2012

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