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Orchid hasn't produced flowers for 9 months

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

I've had an orchid for nearly 2 and a half years. It flowered well for the first year. Have had a couple of flowers but nothing like when I had it at first. Anyway.....I had a wee accident whereby I tied the stalk to a stake to keep it upright however I tied it too tight and the stalk died :o( Now I only have a stalk about 6 inches high. The leaves and roots are still growing well but no sign of flowers. Given the time since this happened do you think I will ever get flowers. (Meant to say when this happened there was about 6 buds just ready to flower).



If this is a Phalaenopsis, then there is a way to 'shock' it into producing a new flower stem. Take it into a room which is about 5 - 8 degrees centigrade cooler than its usual position. Leave it there for 3 weeks, then when you bring it back, it should start growing a new stem.

It has worked for me every time!

Good luck.

20 Sep, 2009

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